Reflective Materials + Environment

I have a model that I want to export views of in shaded mode, not rendered. I have it set so that that the shaded mode colors the model with its material. The reflection option in the basic material doesn’t seem to do anything in shaded mode, but the environment option does. However, the spherical image I am using for my environment is not aligned correctly. Is there anyway to rotate the environment’s origin (like reorienting the North)?

Side question- if I have multiple materials I want to apply this environment to, can the environment editor be used to do this? How can I get the material to reflect the environment? In shaded mode of course.

Hi Lawrence - use an image that is a chrome-ball format for the environment in shaded mode - that should map correctly.

Like so:


I am using a spherical image like your example. What I want to know is how to rotate that ball. Is there a way to rotate the environment instead of rotating the model? The reflections are not great in the current orientation (one side sunnier than the other side).

Hi Lawrence- using custom materials in a shaded mode, no, you do not get to rotate it - the image is the image - if you need it less contrasty then you need a different image, is what it boils down to, if I understand what you’re asking.


What about environment editor,can we give all materials a common environment to reflect in shaded mode? Or is the environtment only for renders? I am not having any luck getting any reflections in shaded mode except through the material environmental texture.

Hi Lawrence - the Rhino environment only interacts with object materials. If you don’t assign the display mode to use materials. them I think you have only the fake chrome ball emap style reflection available.


Okay, I figured it out. I needed to set my Background to Use Render Settings, and to check Use Advanced GPU Lighting. Now the objects with reflective material reflect a common environment.

It still bothers me that we are unable to rotate the environment. In the Sun setting we are able to relocate North in situations where the model is built so North is not in the Y+ direction. Shouldn’t environment have the same option?