Reflections in Shaded mode when Block Present

On two different computers when I have blocks in my model and the model is in Shaded mode I get these very weird “reflections” across the shaded items. I say reflections because they are huge blown up portions of what is in the actual model. I dont know how else to describe it. If I sell all the blocks the reflections cease. If I hide the block they also disappear. As soon as I deselect the blocks or unhide the blocks they disappear. Oddly each block seems to sponsor thier own reflections. If there are many blocks and I select one after the other they each turn off their own set of reflections.

I have attached a video of this phenomenon. Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone have a solution? Attached is my graphics card information as well.

Hi Joseph -

I’m not seeing that here in a quick test.
From your video, it looks like you are using a custom version of the Shaded display mode. Does the behavior go away when you use the default Shaded mode?

I can confirm the same bug in Rhino 7
Version 7 (7.35.23280.19002, 2023-10-07)
on mac os x 13.5.1

  • not tested in rhino 8

see below
first viewcapture: new rhino file _box _filletEdge
second: paste 2 blocks…