Reflected Ceiling plans in VisualARQ

Would be great if ceiling plans provided

Hi @Simeon_Simeonov,

We’ve been working on RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plans), but the feature is not yet completed and it won’t be included on VisualARQ 2 release:

I hope it will be included in SR1 or SR2.



Wow! Well done @enric

Dear Enric,

We are curently testing the posibilities offered by VisualArq.
Is the RCP now included somehow? We coudn’t find it.

Thank you for your help,


Hi Nico,
We are working on this feature for VisualARQ 3 version. I’ll keep you posted when we have more news about it.


Thank you for the quick answer.
Do you have a rough estimate of when VisualARQ3 will ship?

Not being able to have ceiling plans is a total deal breaker for us, as we really need it for our usual deliverables.

In the meen time, could you recomand on a workaroud?

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Nico, we don’t have yet an estimate date for VisualARQ 3 release.
There is already a discussion about RCP from where you can get some tips: Reflected ceiling plan and Plan Hatch Issues

Hey, Francesc!

Creating ceiling plans are near to realease yet? :smiley:

Hi Leonardo, I hope it will be one of the new features of VisualARQ3, but we will see if we can include it in that new version or in a future release.

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