Reflect Command In Rhino

Hi guys. I’m new to Rhino and was looking to get some help with an issue with the reflect command. When I reflect my model, the changes on one side are supposed to stay on that side, but they keep reflecting as well. Is there any way to fix this?

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Hi @mka
The whole idea of Reflect is to have symmetry maintained, so that changes made to one side of the Sub-D is reflected on the other side. If you want to stop the reflection, simply run the Reflect command again, and select the RemoveExistingSymmetry option from the command line.
HTH, Jakob

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Thanks a lot!

how do I do that in grasshopper though?

Hi @lander
You have “Mirror Cut SubD” in GH (in Rhino 7).
HTH, Jakob

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I’m not seeing it…

Actually it is part of Pufferfish plugin called " Mirror Cut Subd"


That’s the right solution.


Thanks for pointing that out, @tay.othman - I simply forgot that it wasn’t part of the build-in GH commands :+1:


Somehow pufferfish became a must addon to get for every rhino installation.

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I believe I have pufferfish but still don’t see “Mirror Cut SubD”

I’m seeing “mirror cut polysurface”

also “mirror cut mesh”

maybe my version is older idk …

looks like might be a WIP Mirror Cut SubDs (symmetry)

I’m going through the install info and this is really confusing imo: “File > Special Folders > Components Folder (The folder it actually opens will be called LIBRARIES, not Components, DO NOT PUT PUFFERFISH IN THE FOLDER ACTUALLY CALLED COMPONENTS).” :thinking:

at any rate this might be what I’m missing, “5. For installing the Pufferfish WIP SubD Components, Open Grasshopper in Rhino 7 and go to File > Special Folders > User Objects Folder, place the files from the “Pufferfish WIP SubD Components” folder into that User Objects Folder.” …

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I finally got the hidden files working. Thank you everyone for the tips!

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