Rhino 7 SubD: The "Remove existing reflect symmetry" option is confusing

I seem to not understand the logic behind the “Remove symmetry from SubD” tool. It has an option called “Remove existing reflect symmetry”, which does not remove symmetry. In fact, it merges the original model with the symmetry copy, resulting onto creation of a new model that combines both mirrored sides (for example, a car body). :slight_smile: Why this option is named in such a confusing way? It basically acts as a “Merge SubD symmetry” tool.
What command should I use to actually remove the symmetry off the original half of my model?

Also, it seems like both ! _Reflect and ! _Reflect _Pause _RemoveExistingSymmetry do exactly the same thing, so the RMB click on the icon is virtually unnecessary in its current implementation.

On a side note, why the reflected half of the model has control points, when I show the control points of the original model? This makes it really difficult to work on a model in a side view.

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At some point there was no right click option on the Reflect button…

Off topic but Add Crease and Remove Crease could be one button too