Refine/subdivide mesh based on Curves

Hi, I’m trying to subdivide a mesh only in the areas close to curves. I mocked up how it can work, but as you’ll quickly see when you open the file, it isn’t going to work well once it is applied to many more points and a larger mesh. Any suggestions? Is there a grasshopper plug-in that already does this?

Refine mesh with (19.7 KB)

Hi @devin_jernigan
The refinement method looks like a quadtree decomposition.
The quadtree mesher in Rhino doesn’t probably won’t work for what you want.
I just did a double check and you could use Lunchbox’s Subdivide quad component.

Rhino Meshes must always be 4 or 3 point faces so you can’t use the normal mesh functions when handling the shape.
When I was doing my thesis on this, I ended up implementing a custom class that would would store each cell as a polyline as well as it’s relation to other cells.

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Thanks @christopher.ho The lunchbox Subdivide Quad will work for me here. I still have to figure out how to go back to mesh from boundary polylines, but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

HI Devin,

did you find a good workflow for this? Something you want to share?