Targeted refinement of structured Quad meshes close to the curve/plane

Hi all,

I have been trying to achieve the same mesh refinement for a simple shape like a cylinder or box as shown in the attached figure (front view of a meshed cylinder).
I have tried RemeshByColour and IguanaMesh in GrassHopper, but It looks like they only work for the triangular meshes (or am I missing sth?).
I’d appreciate it if someone could recommend how to recreate the existing meshes into the graduated meshes towards a curve or plane in GrassHopper.

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Hi Alex,
did you find a solution to your problem? I am trying to do the same (it seems a refinement close to the freesurface for Orcaflex), but I haven’t found a way to refine toward an edge or plane…

Hi @Daniele3 ,

I was able to do it in GrassHopper. I generated an initial mesh using GrassHopper’s built-in mesher on the geometry set with a length larger than its actual length. Then, the meshes on the virtual length were shrunk back to the base plane which you can define at a certain distance below the water line. To do this, I used the IguanaMesh. Hope, this helps.