Triangular subdivision based on curve

Hello there guys, I would like to know, if there’s a way to subdivide a triangular grid based on any curve ?

Sure. The basic logic, for one approach, might be something like this:
1 - make a mesh from your triangular grid
2 - define some distance relationship from the mesh faces to your curve
3 - find the mesh faces that find that match that relationship
4 - subdivide those mesh faces. (I used the mesh plugin Weaverbird).
Here is an example, (Rhino 6). (20.0 KB)

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Thanks a lot for your your reply, unfortunately I just saw it today. I downloaded your GH file but it appeared as in in the picture !!, I recreated the file myself and still the same result do you have any idea what is that ??

Do you mean the fact that it’s a pink mesh? I think it’s just the display setting in the file.
(File->Preferences->Display->Viewport). Those are file specific, so if you open someone else’s file, you will see whatever preference they have set.

If you copy the components into a new/fresh file, you should see whatever preferences you have.
Also, it looks like you have your “Preview Mesh Edges” setting toggled off.
in GH, go to Display->Preview Mesh Edges and make sure it’s checked if you want to see them.
(Or the keyboard shortcut: ctrl + m)

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The “Preview Mesh Edges” was off. Thanks Again :slight_smile: