Referenced point issue

hi all,
I have issues with the grasshopper referenced points.
I need to relocate them using the gumball but I can only use the gumball arrows and not the gumball planes (bug?). And I can’t understand why I can’t relocate the gumball and use it with all the features.
Any help is appreciated,

I don’t think using the planes to relocate the referenced point was ever implemented in GH. I feel it should’ve been removed since this confuses a lot of people.

Hi tay,
it confuses a lot of people because it doesn’t work, lol. But “grasshopper point” is a very powerful feature! You can work without having points in Rhino, it’s great! But it could be good if the gumball should work correctly (snapping to objects could be a dream!)

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if you drag a GH_coordinate point holding LMB, it will move along the Cplane of theRhino viewport you are using to do so:

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Unfortunately, this has not to do with a precision positioning of the point…I really don’t understand why the gumball can’t work with its full functions…it is a bug? someone from mc neel?

Hi Roy -

That limitation is on the list as RH-43524.
I’ve added this thread in a comment.

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Hi Wim,
thank you for your reply.
Anyway, the real issue is that the gumball doesn’t work with the full features (relocate it, move along the arrows with a dimension and so on). Moving in a casual way as now it works (adjoining the planes features too), can be used only to make some test in your grasshopper definition but not to really work with. It’s possible to adjoin this request? I mean have the gumball with the full feature?
Thank you,