Cross-Reference sort of puzzle in Grasshopper

Can someone please walk me through this dump puzzle?
hover the reference point over the control points to push them away.
The algorithm works perfectly with one reference point.
Once multiple reference points are assigned, things get ugly.
I suspect the solution lies within cross-referencing but I cannot figure out how.

test (13.6 KB)
test 01.3dm (89.4 KB)

It’s impossible to move the reference points since they are internalized. Had to bake them, “Clear values” on the reference Pt param, then re-assign the two baked points. Now I can move them around in Rhino to affect the GH model.

I’m not sure what this model is doing though?

Internalized points should be draggable by selecting the parameter (assuming it’s not an input) and dragging the gumballs around. You can enable point gumballs via the main menu.

I never would have guessed that. I found a GH “Gumballs” toggle under ‘Display’ but when I try to drag the gumballs, I hear a bell sound and nothing moves?

Yes, thanks for the note,

If you drag one single reference point toward the control points, it will push them away,
I was just curious to make it happen by multiple reference points.

As long as the points are not referencing actual Rhino point objects, you should be able to drag them around with GH gumballs.

I finally figured out what I did wrong. In my search for the ‘Display | Gumballs’ option, I had mistakenly looked at Rhino ‘View | Display Options’ and left that dialog box active in the background - oops!

And to partially answer @Clive’s original question, grafting the reference points Pt param seems to be a step in the right direction?

I have tried grafting the reference points,
it does not work.
as you can see in the image, some control points are not affected by the reference points.
I am pretty sure it is a matter of cross referencing the reference pints to the control points.
but I do not know how.

You have a pretty complex data tree structure going on there and there’s more to it than this but…