Gumball on points doesn't work

in the latest mac WIP of grasshopper, the gumball for coordinate-referenced / internalized points displays but does not allow for manipulation in the rhino viewport.


Thanks for the report. I see this too and filed it as In the meantime, it looks like the ctrl key when held allows the internalized pt to be repositioned but only in a single axis at a time.

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The GH gumball has only ever worked on one axis at a time, even on windows :slight_smile: Good to know about the ctrl option!

Right you are about the axis… I had to mock this up to see what you were talking about actually :slight_smile: as I never used that feature. I did find that dragging the origin location for the internalized point does move in two axis at once but it’s based on the active Cplane not the GB widget grid shown. That seems like a separate issue… I filed it as

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Ctrl + Hold on the point instead of the rectangle (good to know, finally!), that does the trick in Parallel Views, how about 3D? Using rectangle to navigate points in two dimensions, just like in Rhino, would be very handy. I mean, their only purpose is to use them.

I see that youtrack is already there, just wanted to +1 on that wish.
Especially playing with Kangaroo will benefit when this problem will be resolved - at least in my use cases.