Planar moving of points doesn't work?

When you set points in grasshopper without referencing them to rhino geometry you can move the point using those gumball thingies. It also shows this square similar to the Rhino Gumball for dragging something planar. Is this supposed to work in Grasshopper as well? Because it never did for me and don’t get why it otherwise would be there. Clicking (& dragging) on it does nothing here.

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Siemen - we have this one on our list as RH-43524.
I’ve added your post to the comments.

Thanks Wim, but it doesn’t look like it’s public.

It’s probably only visible to McNeel employees, we have to hide reports that contain user details or non-shareable data.

I opened the report to be publicly visible.

It’s almost 2 years but it still doesn’t work. It is really handy and I would love to use it. Can’t be something done about it?

Hi -

Sure, it’s “just” a matter of using resources on this.
Handy? Yes!
Anywhere near the top of urgent things to look at? Not likely.
It’s on the 7.x list at the moment, so it will be reassessed sometime after Rhino 7 is released.

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