What is the difference in point type between point versus coordinate?

Fundamentally, I understand what point means and what coordinates x,y,z mean. Any point in space has x,y,z coordinates in physics. BUT when we define a line button in Grasshopper, why can’t we move the points A and B set as “coordinate” in a line button but can move the point set as “point” A and B? By move here, I mean change location of the point.

Thank you for explaining this in detail. I understand that a point in theory has x,y,z coordinates and to construct a point one needs x,y,z coordinates. BUT why are the grasshopper point types (coordinate, point, curve) in that if you set point A and B as coordinate or as a curve then one cannot move the points A and B in Rhino. To me it looks like if I have set point type as a “coordinate” then its perhaps accurate and should move as a point. Or if I have set the point type as “curve” then the points A and B should still move in Rhino. Its only when one selects the grasshopper point type as “point” and selects manually the point in Rhino then one can move the points A and B in Rhino and thereby the line moves too otherwise its sedentary when one selects “coordinate” or “curve”.

Hi - I’m not sure if I completely understand what you are asking about…
The main difference between Point and Coordinate is where you define the point - in Rhino or in Grasshopper.

If you define it in Rhino, that Rhino point will be referenced in Grasshopper. To move that point, you will have to move the Rhino point in Rhino.

If you set coordinates, you define the point in Grasshopper (granted, you get some interaction with Rhino to be able to place it). When you select that point in Grasshopper, Rhino will offer you a gumball to move it.

You can move a gh point with the GH gumball (if active) using an isolated point parameter when it is selected, no matter how you’ve instanced the point. If the point is in RH, you can move it with the rhino gumball and have it referenced in GH.

Hi Dani, thank you for replying. I did look at the Rhino Gumball tutorial and understood it. BUT when I searched for grasshopper Gumball tutorials and there is nothing that has sound attached to it. There are no simple explanations for GH Gumball essentially. I also came across PyPick for picking a point from GH in Rhino directly but it was too difficult to understand if one is not familiar with Python. Do you know any resources that explain how to pick points in different ways from GH to Rhino?

I must have another google, because I don’t understand that it finds what others can’t.

If you internalize data you can move the point in Rhino window with gumball but you need first activate it from menu >> Display >> Gumballs

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Thank you, I am based in India and you are in Spain. I think Google searches are different for us based on location. I now understand the Gumball tutorial BUT if you pick a line button (2 points) in GH and then right click on it and go to the drop down menu to set point A and B, the default in grasshopper point types is point but if you click on type (point) in the command bar, you will notice that there are (coordinate, point, curve) in that as options. If your grasshopper point type is set to coordinate or curve it wont move in Rhino even with Gumball. I can’t give you a screen shot because I am running Rhino on Bootcamp in Windows on a Mac.

Thank you

If you can not use the gumball in GH is because the point parameter has sources or because its points are reference and not a GH instance. This happens when the geometry is in the rhino scene and you reference to it in GH, so you are not dealing with the instance geometry, but a link to it. To solve this, you need to internalize that point the “gh scene”, right click on parameter > internalize data. This will break all references by creating a copy of the rhino geometry into GH geometry. After that, if you move a point with the gumball, you will see that this doesn’t affect to the original point in Rhino, because now are two instances of points.

Thank you, I understand the crux of what you are saying but when I right click to internalize data in grasshopper, the line button won’t give me that option.

I need to do some grasshopper reading. Are there any books on grasshopper besides the one by mode lab?

WHat you mean by that? the gumball work with points

If you right click on the line button (2 points) in GH and then in set point A and B instead of the default grasshopper point type which is point, you pick coordinate or curve, the line button doesn’t give you internalize data option.

Show at least images or video i don’t understand what you mean
If you want move objects with gumball from Grasshopper you can’t ,but you can attach the object to a point