Geometric Element - Set multiple geometric elements - issue

When trying to use the Geometric Element RiR component, Revit crashes:
I right-click on the Geometric Element component and use “Set multiple geometric elements”, then once I hover over the Revit window, Revit freezes and then exits.

When preselecting Revit elements, and then right-clicking on the RiR component, it works well.
“Set one Revit Geometric Element” also works well.

We just installed the latest builds, and we use Revit 2019.1.

See @kike’s response please

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Hello everyone!

I’ve got the similar issue, but “Geometric Element” doesn’t work at all (unable to set elements) after an update :smiley:

hope this will be fixed after the fix

I am using REVIT 2018.3


The fix is available.
You will need to update Rhino WIP and Rhino.Inside Revit.

I’m not able to select multiple rooms.
I’m trying to create multiple floors for multiple rooms and i’m not able to select them. Once the revit interface shows and i’ve select them in revit, no key allows me to go back to gh but the esc key, which cancels the selection.

Johan, This might help with your other thread.

When changing context (going from a GH interface to select items in Revit) it might require finishing the command (complete transaction) before going back to Grasshopper.

This gets everyone at least once…

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Thank you, didn’t know about this button.

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