Reference conflicting with existing Blocks

Hello All,

When I referencne a Microstation CAD Drawing I get this annoing message(refer to attached image) that it says the block exists.
The isuue is that I may have several references and the references can have hundreds of block.also the new reference may have another hundreds of blocks. as a result I end up click for ever (: (:

the question is. Is there anyway I can skip,ignore,replace this message or tell it to replace the existing blocks etc.?

THank you

I don’t know of a way to do that, but I’ve gotten fed up with this myself. My workaround is try to limit importing/linking files with tons of blocks. I usually preopen a copy of the files I want to import/link and then explode all the blocks. This eliminates the conflicts. Obviously this makes it hell to work on certain kinds of shared projects, but I don’t use Rhino for all of the same things I would use autocad for.

Hi MNT- what command is ‘reference’ referring to… so to speak---- Insert, or attaching a file in a worksession?



Hi Pascal,
I was refering to attachment.

I also do something similar open the cad drawings in a clean file and clean them up or just explode the blocks. But this becomes very laborious when you work in multi member team you just want to have the file linked and pick auto updates.

it will be also good to be able to move the attachemnts and clip them when large cad files are referenced.

thank you

Use LimitReferenceModel for this. You make the limiting sphere around the bit to keep.


Hello All,

I seem to have exactly the same problem as MNT: Working with Microstation .dgn files attached in worksessions.
The LimitReferenceModel command does not help here because all attached files are in the same region. What really would be helpful is a little “Don´t show this message again” option.
Sometimes this windows seems to pop up endlessly and all that is left to do is kill Rhino through the Windows Task Manager.
Is there an existing solution to this problem? Otherwise it would be great to implement it into the next Service Release.



Has anybody resolved this problem? Or do I concede that rhino isn’t suited for larger projects.

At the minute I’m inserting a linked block of CAD drawings into my master model, which, in an ideal scenario would update automatically when i replace the linked file. Asking too much?

Hi rarara,

unfortunately this does not work particularly with 2D data.
I would still prefere to have clasic reference(or blocks) clipping and masking as in traditional CAD systems.
the block link works well and is very sofisticated when it comes to the modeling.
referencing, batch printing, batch conversion, printing 3D vectors are some of the elements that are still preventing us to use rhino for production in the current workflow.

Hope something comes around in version 6.

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