Content Conflict - Blocks

Hello everyone. Everytime I open a project with some referenced file/materials/blocks that might create a conflict because duplicated/similar name/etc etc, after choosing my option in between “keeping the file/renam it/replace it” and check the “Do this for any further conflicts” command, instead of applying my decision on each other next conflict, the message keeps coming out again and again.

How can this be solved/avoided?




Hello - do you mean that within the same run of the Insert command, the dialog pops up repeatedly?

I’ve been testing this and I cannot, at the moment, see much consistency or logic in the results… could be me though.


Hi Pascal and thanks for your reply!

Right after launching Rhino 6 with the latest release while opening a file that has some linked blocks from other Rhino files OR while updating an external block in the Block Manager, this message start appearing (and together with it many other similar) repeatedly regardless me choosing to “DO THIS FOR ANY FURTHER COMMANDS…”

Any ideas?

Thanks once again!