Block issue with loop referances

We tried to link each others files into our files to see if it would work better than a worksession, but because we link each other in issues occurred and it would not update the linked block file, nor would the blockmanager let us delete the link, so the files are now toasted.

Can you see if you can fix that?

Hi Jorgen - can you please tell me what the loops are like? What did you do, exactly?



@mary is this something you can help with?

Here’s how:

1- Make a Rhino file and name it "A"
2- Close A and make a new Rhino file and name it “B”,
3- now insert A as link into B.
4- close B.
5- Open A and link B into A.
6- close A
7- open B and try and get rid of the A reference.

For us both files were stored on dropbox, but I am not sure if it matters. I think the issue is that Rhino opens the referenced file in the referenced file too, so it gets a loop link (and this loop is obviously a user error) but it should be able to get rid of the linked files from within the blockmanager or through deleting the layers.