Reference by layer doesn't find objects from renamed parent layer

Original layer name, geometry referenced.

Renamed the Middle layer to Pod_2, geometry is no longer being referenced

If rhino file is saved, and rhino is reloaded, then the reference on the renamed layer will work.

I believe it happens only when renaming a parent layer that contains sublayers and objects on those layers. I tried to rename the Blocks layer only and the reference still works.

Same thing happening here, no blocks involved.

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Thanks for the note! I will look into it.

Any news on this?
I’m also having issues with the Reference by Layer component not recognizing geometry from nested layers. The legacy component does work.
Besides, there is also a difference in how the legacy and eleFront v5 Reference by Layer components update Value List components when the Rhino file contains geometry from Worksessions.


eleFront v5:

Notice that the legacy Reference by Layer component prepends ContourLabels.3dm to the names of the layers from that file, whereas the eleFront v5 Reference by Layer component doesn’t and also doesn’t return any geometry.

Like this it does work with the eleFront v5 component:

Hey @krahimzadeh, @elevelle,
It seems there are a few issues with the Reference by Layer eleFront v5 component:

I created my previous post as a reply to this thread, because my issue seems closest to this one, and I didn’t want to open another thread about the Reference by Layer component.
Any news? :slight_smile:

For now using panels instead of Value List components does the job as a work around.

Hi there,
Indeed, there are some issues with synchronizing the layers between eleFront and the rhino model, autopopulating the Value Lists, and the auto-update behavior. I am indeed working on it! I am hoping to sort out most of it by the end of next week. Apologies to all! eleFront still very much alive, just had to sit on the sidelines for a month or two.


Amazing! Thanks so much in advance!
I’m loving eleFront v5. Some of the things I love most:

  • Referencing from and baking to files.
  • Ghost geometry: referencing geometry (from a file) and then first applying filters before manifesting the geometry works like a charm.
  • Data descriptions that don’t require me to install AutoGraph in addition to eleFront and most importantly for me, also display the text when Display > Draw Icons is switched on. I prefer working with icons and couldn’t say it better than Marc Syp (author of Bifocals): Icons are “visually communicative, unambiguous, and more compact. They are also scientifically proven to carry a lower cognitive load (pictures vs. text).”

Oh, I’m so happy to hear it! These were some of the new features that we were most excited about too, so it’s great to hear others are using them and also finding them valuable!

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Version 5.1.3 is up on the Package Manager and should resolve the issues about auto-updating as well as the issue here with renaming of parent layers.