Rectangle plane is rotated 90 degrees

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I am trying to make a Rectangular Array of Rectangles, but the X Count and Y Count parameters are operating as if the axes were switched, i.e increasing the X Count parameter increases the number of rows in the Y direction. Also, the array extends into the -X direction, not +X.

I believe that this is because the Rectangle itself is reporting its X Interval and Y Interval backwards, as I see when I Deconstruct Rectangle. The base plane of the Rectangle displays with the green line rotated.

I am presumably doing something stupid, or misunderstanding something basic, but I wonder if someone can set me straight? (8.3 KB)

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it might be a problem related to the radius of the rectangle corner, because as soon as you set it to zero (or disconnect its slider) everything starts working as expected again

weird stuff! :slight_smile:

[edit: fast solution is to not use corner radius, and just apply a fillet corner afterwards]


Wow! That is the one thing I had not thought to mess with! Weird stuff indeed!

This sounds almost like a bug - or at least I am left none-the-wiser.

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Not to flog a dead horse, but I do find it very strange that a rectangle with a non-zero radius should have its Base Plane rotated and therefore its X and Y Intervals swapped, even though it displays correctly with the right orientation.

Here is a version spelling it out, omitting the Rectangle Array issue, which is merely a consequence of the issue. Shifting the Base Plane to the centroid is strange, but rotating it is wrong! (7.1 KB)


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Hi Bob -

I’m not sure exactly where it is flipping when a radius is used. It doesn’t appear to be the Rectangle component.

This is with radius set to 1 and the X and Y axes still point in the correct direction.

At any rate, I’ve put it on the list as RH-61651 for the developer to take a look.

Hi Wim,

Thanks so much for looking into this. It would be kinda staggering if at this stage there really is a bug in the Rectangle component, but you never know. I am a software engineer, so I tend to be bloody-minded about these things. That was why I persisted! Perhaps there is another explanation?

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