There are problems with direction and angle when rotating a rectangle

Hello. Thank you for your kind reply.

Today’s question is to rotate a rectangle shape,
but the direction and angle are not controlled as desired.

Photo 1 contains a rectangle to be finally moved,
and a rectangle to extract the rotation angle of Photo 2.
In my opinion, the result of picture 3 came out when I composed logic.

I’d appreciate it if you could see where the problem is.
I have attached the file together.
Rotate Test.3dm (34.1 KB) Rotate (17.3 KB)

Hi, I’ll try to help out but I’m really unsure what your question is? Could you maybe just write out the steps you want to take and which one isn’t working for you?



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Rotate (30.8 KB)

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That looks to me like a tremendous amount of trouble to go through to get back to your “Rotate Target”?

What’s the point? Why not stop at the first Boundary component and move on?

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Thank you for your advice.
I’ll think about the way you told me.


Thank you for your advice.
I don’t think you need help because the solution is below. Next time I post a question, I’ll take a more specific note about the situation.