Unexpected Rotation

why do i get a rectangle rotated, when i place it on every node of an ellipse via script?

Orient Direction just uses Points A → B to define one translation and vector vA to vB for minimal rotation

if we could sort-of slow motion the transformation in steps to visualize what’s happening, it might look like this:

if you want the original Curve to be oriented using a Plane reference, maybe Orient is what you’re looking for:

Classic_Orient.gh (13.3 KB)

Have you specified a corner radius? I had problems with rectangles rotating 90 degrees if a radius was specified.

See Rectangle plane is rotated 90 degrees

hi, thanx, so the rotation is implemented…hmmm…
i used the wrong fuction, surely i needed ORIENT…thanx a lot !

hello and thanx! as written above, i used a wrong function.
and no, i projected omly simple curves without further modifications (corner radius).