Rotating rectangles based on line directions

Hello all,

I’m trying to rotate the rectangles (as shown in below picture) in the way I want but failed to do so. Does anyone know a simple way of rotating the rectangles on their center perpendicular to the blue lines?

thank you in advance!

Horizontal Frame is the key component to get what you want.

Joseph’s method is more efficient if you’re doing a polar array. Your image also has one rectangle along an arc, so I suggest the Horizontal Frame method because it will work more universally. If you have the parameters (t), feed them into Horizontal Frame and you’re good. If you have the points and not the parameters(t), use curve closest point to get the parameter before using Horizontal Frame.

Also do not mistake the “horizontal frameS” component for “horizontal frame”, singular.

You can ignore most of the rest of my definition, which was just me trying to quickly approximate your sketch

I used polar array with HFrames as a lark. There are many other ways, I just didn’t want to sweat too hard replicating geometry that wasn’t posted.

Yeah, I started playing with it and noticed that one rectangle on the arc in the sketch part way through. It looked like the layout of rectangles might be irregular, too. So I figured wherever she was getting the points for the plane bases, hplane would work, hplanes might not.

Thank you so much for your help guys! I really appreciate it. Both ways work well for me and I learned from both ways. Thanks again!

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