Rotating rectangles problem/ Shift tree?

Hi there, I’ve got a problem with rotated rectangles trimmed by a plane. What I need to do is to be able to select individual faces (groups of faces) so that I can aplly different colour to them or add perforation, etc…

I’ve got a series of lofted rotated rectangles and they work fine - meaning I can select one of the faces and I get the whole row selected.


Problem occurs when I trim these rectangles by a plane. Then the faces numbering changes in the middle of the path and I can’t select all the faces I’d like to.


Here is what I have versus what I’d like ot have:

Faces/ edges numering changes after applying ‘shutter’ command and splitting rectangle into two separate curves. Do I need to do some magic with the tree to make it work again?

Also, when I try to unroll these solids, some of them are unrolling correctly (marked with yellow) and others look odd. I guess it will work onece I solve the the first problem, right?

Thanks in advance for your help. [rotating|attachment]
rotating (29.0 KB)

Is this what you want?

rotating (35.1 KB)

That’s exactly what I was after! Thank you so much!

May I have one more question - when I cap holes, the sides of the solids are not sorting out correctly. Is there a way to get all of the sides on the right hand side to be one group and the ones on the left to be the second group?


rotating (39.2 KB)

rotating (37.8 KB)

Wow that wasn’t easy. Thank you so much.

Last one if you don’t mind - now that I have all the faces grouped I need to cap hole at the bottom as well and then join all the faces for each individual ‘slice’ and unroll it as I need to laser cut them.

I’ve managed to cap hole and join faces to create breps but then I’m back to the starting point - meaning that the faces are not sorted correctly. I understand it’s beacuse some of the ‘slices’ consist of 6 faces and some of 7.


What I’d like to have is group of 40 breps that I can unroll. I’d need the faces to be grouped in way the colour groups work and I’d love to be able to identify same faces on a brep and unfolded shape.

Hope it’ll make more sense when you open the file.
rotating (44.8 KB)