Recovering Grasshopper File


I have grasshopper file that I saved with internalized pointcloud data, so it is big (500 mb).

The next day I try to open it.

And I get this:

Since I have the file is there any way to recover it? At least getting components without any internalized data…

Edit: ah, the file appears to be fine, but there is a problem with the size. I can open it (although I get a Volvox missing plugin warning). I can install the plugin and clear out some of the internalised data. However the bug fix that will let GH open the file correctly again will take a few weeks to make it into the public.

The file takes over half an hour to open (I have no idea how long really, I lost my patience after 30 minutes). Is volvox doing a bunch of calculations outside of solutions?

I removed your internalised 46million coordinate pointcloud, the file size has dropped significantly now: Velodrome3 (resaved).gh (3.6 MB)

There’s a bug reading huge files in GH1 right now (I fixed it, but again it’ll take a while before it’s publicly available), but in general you’ll have a much more pleasant experience if you keep your file sizes small. Saving takes forever for 500MB so after every autosave you’d have to wait several seconds.

Yay… Thank you very much:)

Hello David,

I have got the same problem…could you help me out?


Niko (73.3 KB)