Grasshopper file opening failure

Hi eveyone,
I know this topic may have been discussed before but i couldn’t find any answer for my case.
I’m having a problem opening my grasshopper takes around 15 minutes for grasshopper to load my file and when it opens the file there’s just one component of Karamba in the canvas.
the file size is around 30 megabytes so there are for sure components in it. I used several plugins to wrap up the definition.
I used Rhino 6 by the way. i tried to open it in both Rhino 6 and Rhino but got the same result.
i’d really appreciate your help on this.

unnamed.rar (19.6 MB)

Have you trued Lock Solver BEFORE you open the file? Doing this should load all the file’s components but not calculate anything. If you can get everything loaded perhaps you can see what’s causing the problem.

Another option is to open GH with no file loaded and then open the top file in the Special Folders/Autosave Folder. The should be the last version of your fie that worked before you made a change that crashed it. Note that this method only works if you have not opened any other GH fine since the change that made your file unloadable.

thanks for the suggestions, actually, yes, i’ve tried both methods before but nothing happened.
either with or without the solver, it’s not showing anything.
and i’m sure the last time that i saved the file there wasn’t anything wrong with the file, no crash or anything happened by then.