Recommended laptop for jewelry design and model


I’m looking for a new laptop as my current one no longer runs the latest version of Rhinoceros. Can you recommend any laptop specifications or specific models (Europe) for working with fine jewelry? I want smooth operation on a large, curved, wide monitor. Budget: medium/high.

Thank you all for your replies!


I’ve always been a big fan of MSI laptops. I know that Stuller used to purchase these exclusively for their dev team. And some of the newer models are very fast and affordable.

Currently from $1800-2200 range for these two laptops on Amazon, both would be fantastic machines. They have different size screens and resolutions, so depending upon what resolution you prefer, you may like the higher resolution of the cheaper model, the more expensive model is a lower resolution, which actually would be better for “gaming” if you were to also want it for that purpose.

Lots of RAM and CPU Cores, modern RTX graphics, and super fast NVMe drives will make quick work of anything you throw at these: