Are gaming laptops still the best bang for the buck for running Rhino....?

I have been using an Asus G72GX for the past 7 years when I need to use Rhino on the go…It ran Rhino well but is now slower than my desktop and I have gotten used to the speed and don’t want to give it up. I have another large limestone project that I expect will require me to be mobile once again. I can get the OK on a 2 grand laptop easy enough, not so sure I can expect the same if I push for a 5 grand unit. I want to stay with a 17.3 screen size and nvidia graphics card. I found this (Asus Intel Core i7-6820HK) for around $2200 any opinions on how I could expect it to perform…?

If anyone has a laptop they are happy with feel free to chime in.

Thank You

I found this (Asus Intel Core i7-6820HK)

I own this laptop and really love it. Have had it for about a year now with no issue to date. It is very speedy and reliable. The best part is because of the huge fan cooling system it is always very quiet even during heavy processes like rendering. Also, because of that cooling system it is never ever hot or even slightly warm (the thing I hate most about thin laptops is how hot they get like macs around the keyboard). The only issue with this laptop is the weight. It is about 9lbs - I don’t travel so much with it, but if you will be on the move often it is something to consider.

Software I use heavily and daily (and often at the same time):

  • Rhino
  • Grasshopper
  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • Revit
  • Keyshot

None of these have given me any issues.

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Thank you for the response…Unfortunately the one I linked above is for demo units that can only be purchased at the store and the closest store to me is halfway across the country, so I need to find a similarly priced laptop with close to the same spec’s. Size and weight doesn’t bother me, my old laptop was 9 plus pounds.

Here is a link to the kind of models I need to be able to work with. I saved it in R5 format but I work in R6.

Limestone project…


Not much love for laptops around here I take it…?


If the Ram and Processor are of the best in the market your workflow will be optimal even if the laptop is not called on “gaming”.
Maybe just marketing, you could found a good laptop and cheaper just for not be called “gaming laptop”. :grin:

I want a 17" screen and a high end graphics card without having to pay for an overpriced Quadro, when you add that to a fast i7 processor and 16 or 32 gigs of ram about all those fall into the gaming category. If you spec out a nice purpose built CAD laptop it adds about $1000 to the price of a nice off the shelf gaming laptop. At least that is what I’m finding…If anyone can point me towards a cheaper unit please do so.

Thank You

I got a dell XPS15 9650 GTX1050.

GTX1050 is too slow.
Added a GTX1070 Gaming Box external GPUfrom gigabyte using thunderbolt connection.
Now it’s pretty decent…

CAD model laptops are so expensive… gaming pc seems like a natural choice for cost performance. & many comes with dedicated macro-keys.
The price difference probably comes from heavy weight, probably not so tuned battery life, and non-touch FHD screens. Though I feel it’s enough… the 4K on a 15inch is just draining the battery… as four touch screen turned it off via bios.

Good luck with finding a nice machine. I’d look into customer center reviews as well. Some are handled by not so professionals and can’t get through sometimes.

Where do you live that you cannot purchase it online? Just curious for helping to find online deals.

I live in Atlanta Ga, buying online is not an issues but the Asus i7 I posted is an in store demo unit and they will not ship it. I wouldn’t really want to buy a demo unit without putting my hands on it anyway. I’m now leaning towards the Asus ROG G701VI-XB72K at $2199. I will check out the HP posted above as well.


I’ve had this Razer Blade Pro for about a year now, and I love it. It’s extremely heavy and the battery doesn’t last very long, but I imagine that’s going to be the case with any 17" CAD machine. It is very svelte.

How’s the battery life compared to the specification?
thinking about it.

It seems like I’ve been getting maybe 90 minutes? I have the 4K screen version, I imagine the HD screen goes a bit longer.

Yeah, I have a dell with 4K and it seems to eat up battery fairly quickly… gotta check how FHD looks

I didn’t see this thread before; would have chimed in earlier.
I need/prefer a 15”, but my current favourites are:
-Aorus X5 V7 i7 7820hk, 32gb & Gtx1070 for rendering
-Lenovo P51 e3-1535v6, 64gb, m2000m (corporate 30% off p/w NJ*PERKSEPP)

My main requirement is single core performance (as should be yours) and memory… not many laptops around with the i7 7820hk and even fewer yet with the 7920 or the 1535v6 … but they’re the fastest mobile CPU’s around, and might beat coffee lake on single core performance yet…

I’m upgrading soon.

Example perk order: (includes 2yr international On site NBD & accidental plus it was configured with 2x512gb NVMe in Raid0)

I’m a fan of the ROG line. That one you found seems nice and has better specs too.

I don’t know how much rendering you’ll do and what renderer you’d use but, the shader performance is going to be about double on the GTX 1070.
1920 vs. 1080 CUDA cores and the size of output will also be larger due to memory size.

Xeon and Quadro if you do manufactering CAD work for stability, for design I’d go with the geforce model and save more frequently.

I ordered a new laptop this morning…Ended up with an Asus GL702VI-WB74 cheap enough that I also bought another stick of ram for a total of 32GB. I plan to do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. After I get it up and running I’ll chime back in with how well it performs.


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Well setting this thing up was a pain…Here is a Holomark 2 score. This is in stock form no overclocking anything. I have to say the screen is amazing. It’s quite and fast except in technical mode…It still lags with large files…I use ghosted mode 99% of the time and it’s lightening fast.


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7700 & a 1080! Wowzers!

In regards to the lag I think that is a rhino issue not a computer issue in these cases. Not everything Rhino does (or most software anyway) is multi-threaded meaning some stuff can’t use all cores, so all the operations you do are potentially hanging up waiting to use the same core (cores). Some commands are multi threaded I believe like reduceMesh, which should be really fast on your machine.