Recommendations on older laptop models (to buy) that runs Rhino well?

Hi Rhino community,

I need your advice. I’m looking to purchase a laptop because I need to get out of the house more :wink:
I currently have a Mac desktop and I was wondering if anyone could recommend an older laptop model that is affordable and has enough power to run Rhino. I’m really trying to design more work and would love to be able to do this at my local library.

Does anyone have any recommendations of a laptop workstation model that has worked well for them? I can search out a specific model if someone feels that it’s a great laptop and probably much cheaper now that it’s on the market for a few years. Ideally my budget is $500.00 (I’m only getting laptop because I need to get out of the house!!).

I understand the basic requirements needed, I’m just seeking out some advice from a more informed tech savvy rhino community member.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi @Athanasia,

$500 doesn’t get you much in the way of a new system. But try looking for something with an Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and an nVidia graphics system.

– Dale