Recent demo I did for the seattle idsa

this uses some piped curves with an emitter material applied to them as the only light sources. Allows you to “paint” highlights with the light as well as actually light the scene. Emitter material used on the taillights as well.

rendered to 1000 samples at final quality on my machine (i9, quadro rtx 5000) in about 40 seconds with nvidia denoisers active


wow! so beautiful body :heart_eyes:


Amazing work!

Could you do an example video of how you setup lighting for renders like this?



I could but I can break it down with an image even faster, This is such a simple technique and the result is pretty awesome compared to the actual effort required to set it up-

draw a single curve and pipe it.
copy that pipe several times either just in a linear array, or in my case I used rotate with copy= yes to create a slightly hemispherical light array.
Assign an emitter material to all and play with the intensity of that material in the raytraced mode until you get what you are happy with.


(Pro tip, you can mess with the shape of the pipe by pulling the curve with history enabled to “paint” a highlight in a very specific way, and watch it move on the surface in ray traced mode.)

see image-


The volume of the car appears to come alive through the reflector. I really like this kind of work.

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Love this idea for lighting! If I had a better graphics card I’d use it to check surface quality, sorta like the VSR light lines analysis!