Twisted structure

Tryng to do this structure by using twist or Helix command but to no avail, can anyone help?

cycla x, Nikolaus Weiler.

Thank you so much.

Excellent explanation video Mahdiyar


your video is great and I followed it up to around the middle of it but then I didn’t understand with the SUBD.
I have Rhino 5 and 6, I do not have SUBD as a plug -in, my understanding is that it will come with Rhino 7. I do have Clayoo 2.5.
Is there anyway you could slow the video so I can see the commands on the top bar?
Thank you.

If you have a Rhino 6 license, you can download the V7 WIP and give it a shot.

Ok Thanks I will try.

I did download Rhino 7 WIP, It looks really great, but I need to learn all the SUBD commands, I played around with it but I need a good video to learn it better, any suggestions on the best tutorial video of SUBD?

Hi Marcel -

Have you seen these?