Recalculate a part of an animation is to slow (Bug)


maybe something for the next SR. If I remove some frames and restart an output than Bongo is checking for missing frames at the output directory. It’s a great option, often used here, but it’s quite slow, if the scene is complex.

My suggestion - Bongo doesn’t go through all frames step by step since the scene update can need some seconds at each frame (recalculating of things like soft edge, meshing, morphing …). Better it would be it looks for missing frames at the output dir first and than it jumps at the time line to the needed frame.


Today I run in the bug again - I try to rerender a range of my final animation and it needs extreme long time until the rendering starts.

Here two screenshots:

It started to rendering and the RAM usage drop down:

It’s definitively a bug of the SR. I installed an old Bongo version and it works, the missing frames are found within a second and started to render.

Found the problem. Has to do with a fix for this bug: Bug: Script per frame wrong started (_BongoBonusToolsForEachFrame)

Will be fixed in the final SR.


Great. :slight_smile:

Somewhere I posted that during restarting an animation calculation the time is wrong estimated. Will it be fixed too?

In Bongo 2.0 SR6 Release Candidate 1 Lars replied: “Yes, added it to the bug tracker.” … meaning it will be handled ‘in due time’ :wink:

Thanks, Luc.