Reverse engineering dome shape

Hi guys,

I got a low poly mesh, used ToSubD - SubDivide and then ToNurbs in order to transform the mesh into polysurfaces, and now I’m basically trying to refine these surfaces (and lower their number) by attempting to rebuild/reverse engineer them in the cleanest and simplest way.

Splitting it into 2 parts (top half and bottom half), then Extracting Wireframe and using NetworkSrf on edges gives me a decent result but it comes with a few dent-like artifacts in the surface itself which is no good.

Any recommendations on how I should approach this? Thanks!
surface_rev_engineer.3dm (3.2 MB)

You could just get one here:


…but if you want to model it, I would always recommend rebuilding something like this…
Extract your edge curves and rebuild them using as few points as you can, then use Surface from Curve network to make new surfaces.

DVH.3dm (197.9 KB)

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Awesome, thanks a lot!