Rebuild UV and Degree

I am finding that RebuildUV will change the degree of my surface without my wish. Is this expected?

It appears to default to degree 3. If I change a surface to degree 5 in a direction, rebuildUV to a lower point count (still more than 6 points) and it becomes degree 3 after the Rebuild.

Yep - sad to say, in this command the rebuild is restricted to degree 3. I believe the underlying code creates a lofted surface, which is degree 3…


Is it an existing wish? It’s not a big issue I guess.

Hello- it is not on the pile that I can see, however, the restriction should be mentioned in Help, I’ll see about that.

RH-59349 Help" RebuildUV - degree 3 only

I think it is a ‘big’ issue in that it may be hard or not possible to allow more control than this - I’ve asked the developer.


Ah yes - I should distinguish that it’s not a big issue to my work, I mean. One of the directions being rebuilt is single span degree 2, so it’s not being altered much at all anyway.