RebuildUV - Degree Options

If you have it degree 3 in 1 direction, you can’t change to only 2 points in one direction ie single span degree one. The roundtrip just becomes change degree to 1 in the right direction.

RebuildUV does not have an option for changing the degree, unlike Rebuild. From Help:
The RebuildUV command reconstructs selected surfaces to degree 3, with a specified control point number, in either the u or v direction. The surface structure in the other direction is left unchanged.

ChangeDegree can be used to change te degree of a surface or curve.

I feel it would be nice to be able to specify degree. For example, you can’t work at degree 5 in this way therefore? Would you have to do a change degree round trip to rebuilduv of a degree 5 surface?

Hello - RebuildUV essentially makes a loft surface behind the scenes - these are always degree 3 in the loft direction.


@pascal Perhaps Rebuild could be modified to allow the user to specifiy that rebuilding occurs only in the U or only the V direction while retaining the current knot vector in the ther direction. Currently Rebuild rebuilds in both directions with uniform knot spacing even if the user wants to retain the current knot structure in one direction. That is a feature I have needed multiple times in the past.