Rebuild Surface or Fix Surface?

Sorry ahead of time if I don’t use the right terminology.
I have multiple surface created from a contour(divide) of an lofted surface. However the surface that been created is a bit wacky. I’m planning to “extrude” it to make a louver system. the script in the file is the group color orange.
Parametric Louver (76.2 KB)
TEST MODEL.3dm (165.3 KB)

please help


You can’t Loft these two curves, since the upper curve (intersection between your base surface and the vertical planes) has several z values for each abscissa. Same thing if you look at it from the other side. Hence the overlaps.


I used another construction by cutting a rectangular surface by this curve.

Your first and last plane don’t intersect the surface, you may want to extend your base curves from which the loft is made, or offset them slightly to the inside.

Parametric Louver (79.0 KB)

Okay ill try that tomorrow, thank you on the quick response

Actually do you think I’m going about this correct? I’m rusty in grasshopper been like 5 yrs. I’m attaching another gh file. the blue group is my end goal for the orange group. u can use the same 3dm

Parametric Louver System_3 (12.0 KB)