Making Curved Surfaces as a template for Louvers

I was following an image as a template in the hopes of creating a dynamic surface as the bases for a louver skin. I attempted to follow the code listed below and I am not entirely sure I read it properly. 1 is what I was using as a template and 2 is what I created. I’m stumped as to why it’s failing to input the data.


Contorted Skin-Louver (15.6 KB)

I’m not accustomed to Grasshopper yet and would greatly appreciate any assistance.

The two parameters “Srf” and “Geo” are used to import geometry from Rhino.
You can Right click them and select the import geometry option.

Could that be done via the image command or would I need to create another set of code for the geometry. Also could they use the same input or do they need to be different?

If you create the geometry in Rhino, you can use “Geometry Pipeline” to filter the geometry in.

If you create them via grasshopper, then you can feed it straight in.

As for whether they are the same or different, you will need to look at what was done with the first script.

From the following:

The surface is just the boundary the top part lies on.
The geometry is a group of curves and points to generate the curves on the surface.

Ah so I was missing the base of the script. That makes sense. As for creating said geometry, is using an image point like this viable?

you can use it to generate points, but that image sampler is used to get pixel colour at certain locations.
Not to generate points, unless you are using it to cull the points.

So if the script itself was as shown, its only using the image to generate color nodes that then begins to take shape?

I have also tried this script, but I’m unfamiliar with what pcomp, intcrv and dom are when looking for the cells.

pComp looks like a “point decompose”
might be version difference.
dom is “Construct Domain”
IntCrv is “Interpolate”
I’m guessing the version on the grasshopper is before 0.96

That makes much more sense now. I have been trying to find more up-to-date examples, but thank you so much. The clarification with those cells are very helpful. So now that the cells are clarified do you think that would also produce a similar result?

Both scripts do different things. For this one, if the same image is used and the same values are used, then you would expect the same result.

Ahh got it. Thank you for your help and clarifying multiple things for me. Greatly appreciate it