Louver Surface is tangling within itself

I was attempting to make a Louver center piece that would connect two of my towers, and somehow it seems to adhere to a corner point when I don’t intend for that to happen. Is there something I missed in my script or did I fail to connect the appropriate cells? Any help is greatly appreciated. The Script is as follows along with my end result compared to a result I had expected.

Grasshopper intended product

Main Tower Louver Piece.gh (14.8 KB)
Thank you in advance for taking the time to view my mistakes.

This takes care of your tangling. The two closed curves in the loft were not oriented in the same direction, and their seams were not lined up. I flipped one curve and used the Align Curve Seam component from the Pufferfish addon.

Main Tower Louver Piece-b.gh (17.2 KB)

Thank you so much! I hate to ask but would you be able to answer one more question? It’s related to

Maybe I can answer you if you actually state your question, and include your file.

If I have to surfaces that are different dimensions, but are situated directly next to one another is it possible to scale the pattern properly or would you suggest creating one continuous surface and then trimming the excess?

Exterior Skin Layer 1.gh (7.7 KB)

I also appreciate your portfolio, are all those renders done in Rhino using V-Ray?

You didn’t internalize your geometry. Also, I’m not really clear what effect you’re going for. Do you want the pattern in the three internal regions scaled differently than the other four?

Oh, I apologize those vertical objects are as a reference. The idea is to create extruded panels that can be used as the larger scale in the facade I’m creating. I was just wondering if the panels could be set to a specific proportion, so when altering the sliders they remain the same scale.

You’ll have to give me something, a picture, a file…

Oh I thought the GH file was attached
Exterior Skin Layer 1.gh (7.7 KB)
I planning on manually selecting them after the pattern was baked, to get a better sense of what should be pulled further out.

Well, this is getting monotonous. This is the same uninternalized file you gave me before.

Are you asking for the rhino file? I don’t mean to be difficult

Forum Help.3dm (7.6 MB)

I got your Rhino file so I can now see the two panels. One is a scaled up version of the other. Since Lunchbox gives you a pattern that’s automatically scaled if you used the same inputs, I’d say go with separate surfaces, if possible. Otherwise it gets messy. Then again, I have no idea what your final intention is.

I appreciate your patience and assistance. The intention is similar to this. But you’ve pointed me in the right direction. Again, thank you.