Realtime render viewport glass material\metal material

For the realtime render in the viewport (not-raytraced) is there way to make transparent material to have a little less transparency, but without changing parameters for the material?
In the viewport, it’s very hard to see the material sometimes, and to check the orientation and how it just looks is difficult.
I can of course use shaded mode, but would like to see how it looks with color and texture…
Just checking to see if the layout before going into raytraced viewport.

Also the steel material is looking rather toon-like, just wondering if it was like this before… or perhaps just the initial hdr?
Stainless_and_glass.3dm (187.0 KB)

Hello - Some edge softening will help with the toon look, I think, and it would probably help to use a mit more complex hdr in this case, I’d say.


The way I see it is that the problem lies in how OpenGL handles fresnell reflections.

Se how Raytraced does it compared to Rendered:

And with Fresnell turned off: (See how much better that OpenGL looks?)

Here I had to turn transparency down because Rhino still thinks that transparency is more important that reflection AND that a material can not be 100% transparent while reflecting light. (But that argument goes both ways since “how can a 100% reflective material be transparent”?) But it can. So Rhino should adapt IMO.

And while we are at it. Here the glass is red (Fresnell is back on with 100% transparency):

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IMO the reflection should at 100% be light reflecting like cromes reflection so it looks like this:

Here you can see that there is “pure white” reflection as the light burns out.

This might be because the HDRI is too dark, but it is at least difficult to achieve with Rhino’s default setup.
It looks just too dull.

Feel free to have a go:
glass.3dm (306.3 KB)

Yes, for this type of object the default environment combined with the bland gray backdrop doesn’t work very well. Using a “better” reflection environment will already yield better results:


And the same with intensity set to 2.0 to simulate that overexposure:


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Thanks everyone for the feedback.
Metal looks good for both the viewport and rhino render.

For the Glass, the rhino rendering output is ok (bottom half of the image attached)
But the upper half of the real-time viewport (not raytraced cycles) the glass is sort of invisible.

Was it like this in V5? I couldn’t recall…

@Holo for the fresnel setting also applying to the viewport?
(not raytraced cycles)