Realtime BMW in Unity on RTX!

Raytacing light and reflections are the big thing in realtime graphics now, so take a look at this if you have not seen it yet:

This was boosted by nVidias RTX cards, but the 1070 and above, and top AMD cards can also do it (when implemented) so please investigate what can be done for Rhino 7 :wink:


Hi guys, take a look at this:
People are starting to using realtime raytracing on the RTX in MineCraft and it looks nice:

(@jeff do you think we can have a prototype for this in Rhino too… (pretty please!) :slight_smile: )

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If all I had to worry about is intersecting a box with a ray… I could have done this years ago. :wink:



And architects would have loved you for it! Whiteboxing a model can be a powerfull thing so please don’t consider it too late :slight_smile:

I still miss Flamingo 1’s ability to bake radiosity, it was a crude tool that unfortunately didn’t evolve, but it was ahead of it’s time and we used it for light sketching. Lately I have used baking in Unity and would love to have some of these tools in Rhino for realtime navigation. (Cycles is cool, but way to noisy to be considered for realtime evaluation, so I have big hopes for the future. You know me, I prefer realtime + imagination over static fidelity 99% of the time) Cheers!

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Have you tried Nathan’s “denoiser”?


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It isn’t very realtime… :slight_smile:

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…yet :wink:

Just waiting for the viewport update of it.
And for laaaarge sceens to load quickly.

Dev’s take note, you’ve added some serious and amazing graphics abilities in V6. I wholeheartedly encourage you along the path of raytracing. I know Kyle Houchen feels the same; at 5:30 in this video he’s reflects candidly on your recent efforts

Hoping i can comment to say that Rhino’s newly added viewport settings are A-mazing.
I know you’re all very dedicated software engineers and suspect you could be under-appreciating just how much these visual innovations impact users and the work they do. How many of your users use Quadro cards? They now have RTX cores; please don’t wait too long to add raytracing.

Personally, the prospect of a realistically shaded viewport in simple greyscale sends shivers down my spine. Perhaps like the concept of NURBS once did for you all.
Thank you for great software until now. If your users want this and you could use it attract new users, then for Mcneel PR alone I think It’d be worth it IMHO.

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To start with something good, I will say that I really like how Arctic mode emphasize geometries, especially complex mechanical parts.
Things get complicated with shadows in architectural scenes. I remember as I needed live preview of shadows for the presentation and I had a lot of troubles with them in Rendered mode. Only sometimes I achieved more or less proper results, and it was a very simple scene - sun entering the room with some stairs inside. From my experience, shadows are unreliable - even with pre-tweaking in the display options.
Interactive rendering was not an option although I had pretty decent laptop (Intel 6820hk and GTX 1070), everything was rendering too slow even on the lowest settings.
Because of that, I would love to see some real time RTX raytracing in Rhino viewport. It’s a quite big price for good real-time shadows but I need to buy it anyway because I am using UE4 too.

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Arctic mode, so simple and effective. Bravo to Devs :star2:
The big allure of RTX is there are the dedicated chips.
So no performance hit; intriguing and oh so beautiful.