Unity 2018 realtime photorealistic graphic

Hi guys,
if you havent had time to catch up on what the latest and greatest realtime graphics looks like now, then take a look here: (Unity has with their 2018 version caught up with Unreal engine regarding photoreal looks)

Pretty darn nice if you ask me.


Thank you for sharing the link, I’m very curious for real time engines too.

My impression of this video is, the quality is impressive, but I miss light colors, anything looks so grey. Maybe the demo scene isn’t a good choice, no colorful sky and no artificial lights are in the scene. If I compared Unreal and Unity in the past, I loved the GI colors of Unreal and disliked the grayish look of Unity. Unfortunately, this new video dosn’t change my impression.

Odd, in my impression the neutrality in color while maintaining an impressive feel of depth is just what makes the video. Adding color is something one does to exaggerate the depth feeling, which isn’t difficult to achieve (by a skilled light designer) in either software.

Take a look at another of oneiros videos here, I think they strive for modest and neutral in their visualisations:

So it maybe a question of the creator and not the software. :wink:

The textures and mapping are excellent in that demo model… I imagine it took some time to prepare.

I’ve filed several individual feature requests for Rhino below for future reference. You hadn’t explicitly asked for something similar in Rhino but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:



Unreal or unity , which one is user friendly for rhino?

I would like to know what do you think about blender’s EEVEE realtime engine, for what I see it’s pretty impressive, and now that the communication between blender and rhino is getting better, this could be the best solution to me. Any thoughts?

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It is raining there. Greyish colours are fully justified. I prefer this example over the one from Unity.

Unreal can read 3dm files. I’m not sure about Unity.

@jespizua It’s very nice, but you need to learn Blender before and you can’t send a VR model to your client. Or is it supported? Enscape works the same way and it is a Rhino plugin. You can export an exe for your client (he need a good GPU).

Hi Brian,
yes they are wishes for sure! Thanks for typing that up. We use Unity quite often for 1:1 evaluation of simple gray models and it’s great. (So please add a simple WASD walkaround wish to that list too if you like.)


Is this different from using the arrow keys in Walkabout mode?

Hi Brian, with WASD what I actually mean is full “game interface” with ground collision. (select objects as ground so not all objects are obstacles)
The industry standard for all FPS games and like we have when working with Unity or Unreal (etc.)

W- forward
A - pan left
S - back
D - pan right
Shift - Run (customizable so it can simulate driving a car at 30mph)
Space - Jump
Ctrl - crouch (important for evaluation of elevation / kid’s perspective)

And being able to jump while running diagonally is important for an intuitive and smooth experience.

And as step two some customizable keys, (turn on off layers, lights, hide unhide objects) but that is not first priority.

The current walkabout tool is far from interesting, I much rather navigate manually in Rhino since it only has a fixed z-height and it also starts every movement with a pause after the first frame (probably to see if keydown is true after keypress is true or something.)


I’d make them rebindable :wink: I use Shift = Crouch and Ctrl = Run :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are always some villains that ignore industry standards… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I agree though, customization is great!

Thanks for the further explanation, I’ll write it up. I am admittedly not a gamer, unless you count 3D CAD as a game I guess… I had to look it up :blush:

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Also pan -> strafe

Shame on you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FYI… filed the game UI request with your comments. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-51185


Thanks Brian, and quite frankly being into computer graphics and not gaming is a contradiction… So I think you should to invest some time in games, at least to understand what a huge part of the population and the Rhino user base has as reference.

Test out “Sniper Elite 4”, just for the graphics, and it’s a fun and slow paced game (if you manage to stay hidden) :wink:

An excellent idea for all Rhino developers. Of course, many probably do have that frame of reference, but just don’t bring it into their conversations here.