Fast Gpu realtime rendering plugin

do you a good and fast plugin for eealtime rendering for rhino?
Several years ago there was a plugin named , VSR
Where did they go?
They had one o the best rendering plugins for designers.
Unfortunately they stopped work !!!

They were bought by Autodesk. Last I heard they worked on Alias for a bit before going their separate ways. It’s a shame but thankfully VSR still works with Rhino 5.

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Yes of course
do you know a good real time renderer to work with R6?

Raytraced display mode?

You have two modes, rendered display mode and Raytrace display mode. Both accelerated by the GPU. You can setup your own working modes to suit exactly what you want.

Rendered mode is at the speed of a shaded or Ghosted mode. How to create new modes and edit them can be found here: Advanced Rhino Display Modes [McNeel Wiki]

The Raytrace mode is a Cycles GPU accelerated mode that can also be used. For details on this mode got here: Real-time Rendering in Rhino [McNeel Wiki]

Of course we keep improving these modes, here are some examples we are experimenting with in Rhino 7 at shaded mode speeds:

And with the Cycles realtime, we can get a little more:

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Thank you for your response
But the quality of rhino render isn’t so good.
Why you don’t cooperate with VSR company to create a good render engine?

They were bought by Autodesk. VSR also wasn’t actually a render plugin, so I’m not sure what your’e talking about.

You are wrong about that.
They had a real time visualization plugin called “VSR Realtime Renderer”, different from their surface modelling plugin.
It of course vanished too after their aquisition by Autodesk.

Fast GPU rendering of interiors you get by Enscape. The material system is quite limited, but within the tight limits it creates impressive results.

For product shots V-Ray GPU is quite fast too. It’s a classic raytracer with tons of features. Interiors need some minutes, best you use two 2080ti or more.

What render engine should we be referencing? do you have any VSR render images that you can share?

Okay, so what was it? “Realtime” from those days would imply just some OpenGL stuff like Rendered mode, not a GPU raytracer like…15 products you can get for Rhino now.

Yeah, if you look at the product from today’s perspective it seems pretty ridiculous.
I remember not being overly impressed when I had a look at it at the time.


There were a few of those ‘realtime presentation’ products at the time, a bit beyond what Rhino’s openGL viewport could do then but not really now, I imagine they’ve all been supplanted by game-engine-based products now.

Yes, but we are working directly with TwinMotion, Enscape, Vray, MindDesk, IrisVR, Fologram, Unreal and Unity to make sure we are linked and compatible as close as possible. Sometimes with live links and sometimes with running Inside.

So depending on what you want to do there are options.

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Have a look at Octane. There is a Rhino plugin. Try the demo at