Real-time "section" & surface edge curvature graph updates re: Orca3d

real-time “section” & surface edge curvature graph updates: Are these possible? I am used to this in Fastship, but haven’t seen the operation in Rhino/ Orca.

This is possible, and we have done this in a proprietary plug-in for Rhino, that is used in our institute to fair ship hulls. Unfortunately, this plug-in is not available to the outside world (yet). If you are seriously interested, drop me a PM.


I've got a method that will do what you are looking for with live sections that I've used for years, well before I made the big ORCA purchase. Haven't used in in a while but would be willing too share it with you. I'm also interested in the plugin Menno mentions.

I’ve used Rhino’s curvature analysis graph tool to check hull lines curvature but alas, this does not update as one alters the hull surface. I would very much be interested in your plug-in.