Curvature Graph improvements for Surfaces

For more than 10 years I am now wondering why the curvature graph hasn’t shown any development for surfaces. In the image you can notice that the curvature graph is useless for analyzing the shape at a certain position in this view.
Isn’t it time to add functionality to be able to show only only one intersection / isocurve?
Also having only one display scale it not useful.
By developing the curvature graph functionality some more, Rhino would be much more professional for high end surfacing.

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Hi Gerard,

I know it’s not what you are asking for, but just out of curiosity, our VSR Shape Modeling tools (Curvature Analysis, Shaded Curvature Analysis, Dynamic Section with Curvature Plot) can do the job, can’t they?

Let me know if you should need a test license to answer this question.


Hi Michael,

When I wrote the post I was already trying to recall whether I had seen this with VSR plugins.
In that case there is a solution, but I do think Rhino curvature graph lacks simple functionality here.

Thank you.

I agree Gerard. I was just writing a post when this here Discourse thing went and highlighted your post. Excellent.

Anyway, I was hoping that there would be potential for, at least adding the option to show U or V separately.


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You can click the U and V buttons to toggle them on/off.

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Those are “wish buttons”!

I mean the buttons with “U:” and “V:” on them.

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I am happy that Ernest found this post with the clever Discourse related posts feature.
Now it would be even better when a McNeel developer also ‘finds’ this topic :smiley:

There’s still much to improve on curvature graph!

Doh! Exceedingly obvious - thanks for the sniffing salts menno.

The exact same thing had me baffled a couple of months ago… Glad I could help :smile:

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Hi Gerard- I take it you would like the graph of the curvature as projected to the view, is that correct?


Hi Pascal,

Most important would be to be able to turn on curvature graph for only one or more isocurves and set the scale per isocurve. That would be a big improvement and not to hard to implement I think.

Then real time sections in each plan view would also be excellent. Not necessarily physical sections, but only the display of lines along the object (that can be baked with a certain tolerance if desired). The current section tools are very limited compared to existing Orca3d sections. To my opinion proper section analysis should be basic Rhino functionality and not plugin functionality.


Yes, it would be nice, but existing display is good enough for most Rhino users. On the other hand, there are bugs that enrage Rhino users.