V7-Wish for Curvature graph for surface improvements


Are there any plans to pick this topic? Curvature Graph improvements for Surfaces

Hi Gerard - added a YT item


As you might have discovered, and I realize it is not exactly the same but it may help - you can ExtractIsocurve using History in V6 and set the graph to that curve.


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Thank Pascal,

What is a YT item?

And yes, the history dupedge thing is a clever work around.
However, I would be very happy when we can show and promote a more mature Curvature Graph in our training in the future.
Another very nice feature that @menno programmed in his inhouse plugin is a real time sectioning feature only based on the display conduit. So no physical sections but only display sections for analysis purposed. When we’re also able to put curvature graph on these sections, it would be awesome.

Maybe @menno is willing to share some screenshots of his functionality.

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Hi Gerard -

Not DupEdge ! Extractisocurve is the one… DupEdge does not know about History.

Sorry - YT = YouTrack = our bug tracker system.


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Ah yes, I was mistaken about ExtractIsocurve

You can also project lines with history on to get section curves that can be viewed dynamically with CurvatureGraph while editing the surface. Be aware that sections will rarely have as nice curvature as Isocurves

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Yes Jim, the curvature graph of intersections is always less elegant than isocurves.

I use that over here already.

Thank you for mentioning.

Also, like the extracted isocurve trick, the cuve graph is maybe helpful and good enough but is not identical to the graph on the surface itself.


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Another good reason to upgrade the functionality of the curvature graph for surfaces Pascal.

Thank you for showing this discrepancy. It makes sense that it is different as the curve is not attached to an adjacent surface direction.