Real-Time Bake with Elefront in VA 2.12.4

Now, you can bake VA geometry with Elefront Bake Component thanks to update in VA 2.12.4
We’ve tested it and it works perfect. Thank you very much, Enric.
Unfortunately, it looks like boolean toggle doesn’t work with VA geometry yet, but we’ve designed the GH definition makes real-time bake possible and would like to share it.

Advanced DataDam- designed by Heba Eiz
Number Update Detector (Python)- designed by AndersDeleuran

Real-Time Bake with Elefront
Real-Time Bake with Elefront.3dm (2.7 MB)
Real-Time Bake with (29.1 KB)

You can also merge walls, slabs, and beams if you apply this definition. Apologize me for that I can’t share this definition.

Merge Walls, Slabs & Beams