BUG Baking VisualARQ object with ELFRONT component

Hello :slight_smile:

Since the last VA update (2.12=> 2.13) the baking of VA object doesn’t work anymore with the elefront plugin. Now, it’s only baking one object (wall or door…) and then throw an error that says that it can’t bake VAobject.

Before last week, everything was working fine.
Any suggest ?

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Hi @flavien.bessiere,

I have been testing it and yes, it looks like there is an error (it is working fine with the eleFront legacy version though, so maybe you can use that one). However, this is an eleFront component so I am not sure if there is something we can do about it.

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Thanks !
I have installed the legacy version and I can do what I want again. I will deal with that for the moment and I hope it will be fixed in elfront :slight_smile: