Re-installing the zoo and V4 to V5 upgrades are not working

G’day McNeel,

Our old XP box is kaput (RIP old war-horse), taking the Zoo with it. The old Zoo worked so well I don’t even recall what licences we had on it, but we could certainly use four instances of Rhino 5 at the same time in the office.

I’ve installed the latest Zoo (zoo_6.5.18102.04091.msi) onto our other, more modern, server and am having troubles with the V4 to V5 upgrade licences. The Zoo is asking for a V4 licence key for the two V5 upgrade licences but not accepting them as they’ve already been used.

The two outright V5 licences are working properly.

I have 4 V5 licence keys. It appears as though 2 are outright and 2 are upgrades.

I have 3 V4 licence keys.

Any ideas how to move forward with this?



@jody, can you help @Ncik?

As an aside, it is a bit confusing where it asks for “a previous version Rhino 5” but when I enter any of the Rhino 5 keys it rejects them and asks for a Rhino 4 key, hence why a Rhino 4 key is entered above. I assumed it was a typo and really meant to ask for “a previous version of Rhino”.

Hi @Ncik,

Are you still having a problem, or did you get it sorted out?

– Dale

G’day @dale, yes the problem is sorted. Thank you.

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