Grad Students needs help creating shell type solid

Please help. I have honestly spent about 14 SOLID hours trying to figure this out. I am trying to create a small (I make jewelry) “peapod-like” component to a necklace I’m creating.I initially tried to create a one-piece flat surface then cage edit it into shape to no avail. Then I tried to sweep two rails and that didn’t work. So now I have created two side surfaces that I cannot seem to extrude and a solid bottom. Basically I want the sides to be .1" and the “floor” to be .2" I have started over so many times. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Have you got a reference photo of the shape you are trying to create?

I traced from a bitmap this leaf-

Something similar to this leaf

Do you have Rhino 7 / WIP? It would be easy with SubD

I have Rhino 6 Educational; I am not familiar with SubD

In case you can download Rhino 7 / WIP, SubD would allow for simple push pull modeling …

20_09_27_rhino_subd_mrtn.3dm (184.5 KB)

With Rhino 6, I would suggest usingf the Sweep 2 rails command and roughly curves like this:

20_09_27_rhino_6_sweep_2_rails.3dm (549.2 KB)

Hi Martin, I appreciate your insight. I am currently downloading Rhino 7 WIP. Do you know if I will I be able to open all my Rhino 6 projects from there?

In the Rhino 6 model you shared (thank you!) is that a surface or a solid? Would I be able to give it thickness? I plan to print them. Again thank you for your input.

Yes you can open Rhino 6 in WIP and you can save Rhino WIP files as Rhino 6.

The surface in the Rhino 6 file has no thickness yet but you can use the Offset Surface command to turn it into a closed surface and export as *.stl

Thank you, I downloaded Rhino 7 WIP and will go back to the drawing board.

Subd will work. Also if you had a scan it mesh of the leaf, then rhino 7 Quadremesh > subd would work too.

Thank you Scott I downloaded Rhino 7 WIP and will explore it soon. Unfortunately I have a deadline for school right now so it will have to wait.