Help needed with creating solid

Hi. I want to create this tool but need some help.

I managed to make the handle but can not create the front part into a solid . Think it might be because it is bend? The round areas in the middle are supposed to be holes. Please advise.

pls post the actual file

  1. In case that the curves are meant to represent a bent sheet metal, then the easiest way is to switch to side view and create a side profile curve.

  2. Then switch either to Top view, Front view or Perspective and use ! _ExtrudeCrv to extrude the curve sideways in both directions. Alternatively, use the extrude circle of the Cumball while holding the Shift key to extrude the profile curve in both directions. That will give you a target surface which you will use in the next steps. Hide the profile curve or put it into a new layer and turn it off.

  3. Select the extruded surface and run ! _RebuildUV with the following options from the Command line: Direction=V (must be along the length of the surface), PointCount=50, DeleteInput=Yes.

  4. Measure the length of the rebuilt surface’s edges in both directions with the ! _Length tool.

  5. Use ! _Plane to draw a basic rectangular surface on the ground which will have exactly the same length and width as the rebuilt surface.

  6. Switch to Top view and draw your curves on the plane. Optionally, use ! _Group to group them together for an easier selection in the next step.

  7. Select the curves, then extrude them together with the ! _ExtrudeCrv _Pause _Solid=_Yes command.

  8. Select the resulting solid model, then then run ! _FlowAlongSrf and see what the Command line says. Make sure to use the following settings:
    Base surface - select edge near a corner ( Copy=Yes Rigid=No Plane ConstrainNormal=No AutoAdjust=Yes PreserveStructure=No )

  9. Pick one edge of the plane (the base surface), then pick the corresponding edge of the extruded surface (the target surface).

  10. Voila, now you have your solid model flowing along the target surface the way you wanted.

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I lost my file as I can not save in rhino at the moment, trial expired. This is what I need to create, do not know what design form to start it in. It needs to be a solid.

This happened when I tried something similar. Not a solid…. And direction also off.

I updated my first post with a simple video tutorial.