RC1 Click Path through Wiki is confusing

@brian Why does the link on the Wiki page lead to this thread in discourse? That will confuse users IMHO… If you need for the users to see the info in the first post of this thread before downloading, maybe put that on the download page of the main site? It just seems confusing and convoluted that from the main download page, first you get led to the Wiki page, then here, and only then do you get to click on the link to download in the first post.

My 2¢ --Mitch

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I changed the wiki page to have the same content as this discourse topic… is that less confusing?

Yes, much better, at least it’s less of a leapfrog between different sites/pages. I just edited the head to make it slightly smaller so “Rhino for Mac Release Candidate 1” actually fits on the line, before the “1” was getting pushed to a second line.

Thanks! --Mitch

Clicking on “Read change log” on http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/5/evaluation brings us to http://discourse.mcneel.com/t/rhino-for-mac-release-candidate-1/ .

I was expecting to get to a page where I could check changes between RC2 and RC3 just like we have on the Windows versions.

[Shouldn’t this topic be categorized under Mac?]

That was my mistake. I did not change the Read change log link when creating the RC3 download link. That is now fixed.

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